Joey Anna is a textile design company selling unique interior fabrics, homewares, fashion accessories and gifts. 

Specialising in print, unique motifs are hand-drawn and compositions are created digitally by Print Designer Joey Williams to produce contemporary designs for high end interiors and fashion accessories. 

Joey enjoys using drawing tools such as Japanese paint brushes, bamboo pens, fine liners, off cuts of wood and drawing inks. 

Inspiration comes from stunning Cornwall coastlines, countryside walks, and overgrown woodlands, striking landscapes and the wildlife that live within those habitats. Scandinavian design, textiles, architecture and culture also inspire many designs as do the bright and bold attributes of the mid-century post war era. 

Keen to help reduce the affects that consumerism has on today’s world Joey Anna promotes, where possible, the use of natural and organic fabrics, sustainable values and an eco-friendly ethos and attempts to rectify environmental impacts in the future by giving something back in terms of supporting those that protect nature and wildlife and as part of the textiles industry. Although plastic, Joey Anna phone cases are not a single use product. More sustainable options and products will be added in the future!